Our Publications

Below are all available peer-reviewed research publications authored by Dr. Amol S. Navathe, MD, PhD, the Payment Insights Team, and/or our associated collaborators.

Association Between the Implementation of a Population-Based Primary Care Payment System and Achievement on Quality Measures in Hawaii

Read Publication JAMA

Navathe AS, Emanuel EJ, Bond AM, Linn K, Caldarella K, Troxel A, Zhu J, Yang L, Matloubieh SE, Drye E, Bernheim S, Oshima Lee E, Mugiishi M, Takata Endo K, Yoshimoto J, Yuen I, Okamura S, Stollar M, Tom J, Gold M, Volpp KG.

Medicare's Bundled Payment Did Not Change Skilled Nursing Discharge Patterns

Read Publication American Journal of Managed Care

Zhu J, Navathe AS, Yuan Y, Dykstra SE, Werner RM.

CMS Program Participation and Policy Evaluation Without Administrative Data: A Case Study on Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BPCI) Initiative

Read Publication Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy

Isidro U, Martinez JR, Navathe AS.

Implications of Coding and Risk-Adjustment in Primary Care Payment Reform

Read Publication Journal of Hospital Management and Health Policy

Dinh CT, Liao JM, Navathe AS.

Do Hospitals Participating in Accountable Care Organizations Discharge Patients to Higher Quality Nursing Homes?

Read Publication Journal of Hospital Medicine

Bain A, Werner RM, Yuan Y, Navathe AS.

Medicare's New Voluntary Bundled Payment Program: Episode Selection and Participant Characteristics

Read Publication Healthcare

Liao JM, Martinez JR, Shan EZ, Hung JJ, Dinh CT, Huang Q, Navathe AS.

Using Claims Data to Attribute Patients with Breast, Lung, or Colorectal Cancer to Prescribing Oncologists

Read Publication Pragmatic and Observational Research

Fishman E, Baron J, Liu Y, Gautam S, Bekelman JE, Navathe AS, Fisch M, Nguyen A, Sylwestrzak G.

Regulation of Predictive Analytics in Medicine.

Read Publication Science

Parikh RB, Obermeyer Z, Navathe AS.

Effect of Financial Bonus Sizes, Loss Aversion, and Increased Social Pressure on Physician Pay-for-Performance: A Randomized Trial and Cohort Study

Read Publication JAMA Network Open

Navathe AS, Volpp KG, Caldarella KL, Bond AM, Troxel AB, Zhu J, Matloubieh S, Lyon ZM, Mishra A, Sacks L, Nelson C, Patel P, Shea J, Calgano D, Vittore S, Sokol K, Weng K, McDowald N, Crawford P, Small D, Emanuel EJ.

Medicare's Approach to Paying for Services that Promote Coordinated Care Across the Continuum

Read Publication JAMA

Liao JM, Navathe AS, Press MJ.