Our Publications

Below are all available peer-reviewed research publications authored by Dr. Amol S. Navathe, MD, PhD, The Parity Center, and/or our associated collaborators.

Penalizing Physicians for Low Value Care in Hospital Medicine: A Randomized Survery

Read Publication Journal of Hospital Medicine

Liao JM, Navathe AS, Schapira MS, Mitra N, Weissman A, Asch DA.

When Reducing Low-Value Care in Hospital Medicine Saves Money, Who Benefits?

Read Publication Journal of Hospital Medicine

Liao JM, Navathe AS, Schapira MM, Weissman A, Mitra N, Asch DA.

Alignment Incentives for Value: The Internal Performance Framework at Partners HealthCare

Read Publication Healthcare

Powers BW, Navathe AS, Chaguturu SR, Ferris TG, Torchiana DF.

Into Practice: How Advocate Health Systems Uses Behavioral Economics to Motivate Physicians in its Incentive Program

Read Publication Healthcare

Marcotte L, Hodlofski A, Bond AM, Patel P, Sacks L, Navathe AS.

Baptist Health System: Succeeding in Bundled Payments Through Behavioral Principles

Read Publication Healthcare

Liao JM, Hodlofski A, Whittington GL, Zucker M, Viroslav S, Fox DL, Navathe AS.

The Effect of Emphasizing Patient, Societal, and Institutional Harms of Inappropriate Antibiotic Prescribing on Physician Support of Financial Penalties: A Randomized Trial

Read Publication Annals of Internal Medicine

Liao JM, Schapira MS, Navathe AS, Mitra N, Weissman A, Asch DA.

The Next Generation of Episode-Based Payments

Read Publication JAMA

Navathe AS, Song Z, Emanuel EJ.

Beyond Genes and Molecules -- A Precision Delivery Initiative for Precision Medicine

Read Publication NEJM

Parikh RB, Schwartz JS, Navathe AS.

Hospital Readmission and Social Risk Factors Identified from Physician Notes

Read Publication Health Services Research

Navathe AS, Zhong F, Lei VJ, Chang FY, Sordo M, Topaz M, Navathe SB, Rocha RA.

Cost of Joint Replacement Using Bundled Payment Models

Read Publication JAMA Internal Medicine

Navathe AS, Troxel AB, Liao JM, Nan N, Zhu J, Zhong W, Emanuel EJ.